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Dive Deep Between the Lines of the Little Voice Mastery Book in this 4-Part Interview featuring Blair Singer and Alex Mondossian that Reveals Secrets to Mastering the War Between Your Ears Never Written

An Open Letter to Anyone Who Wants to
Master Their “Little Voice” Inside

FR: Blair Singer
RE: “Little Voice” Mastery Training

Dear Friend,

We may have never met, but I know that these two things about you are true:

  • You have a “little voice” deep inside you; and,
  • That “little voice” doesn’t always support you.

Now how do I know these two things about you and why are they so important to leading a successful personal and professional life?

Because for the past three decades, I’ve carefully studied, learned, taught and mastered how to win the war between your ears in 30 seconds or less – and have an extraordinary life!

Let me say that again so it really sinks in …“How to Win the War Between Your Ears in 30 seconds or Less – and Have an Extraordinary Life!” is the subtitle of my book, “Little Voice” Mastery.

And my book’s subtitle is also the promise my colleague, Alex Mandossian and I intend to keep in this program.

So if you’re an entrepreneur, independent professional, or small business owner, then I want you to keep reading…

I’m about to share with you a series of simple, yet remarkably powerful strategies you can use immediately to:

  • Maintain your power in any pressure situation
  • Stop the debilitating chatter in your mind
  • Uncover and realize your lifelong dreams easier
  • Build powerful and lasting confidence faster
  • Resurrect and rebuild the “hero” inside of you
  • Embody 21 proven reprogramming techniques

Your “little voice” lives in that short six-inch span between your right ear and left ear. And what’s really awesome about what Alex and I will teach you is that you can master your “little voice” chats in 30 seconds (or less) and enjoy an extraordinary life.

This unique program de-bunks much of the popular thought processes and methods in “personal growth” and gets you down and dirty with real-world, right-now techniques that are time-tested and predictable.

The net result is you will make profound and permanent changes in your lives – immediately.

Curriculum Modules for LVM

Each module has a specific intended purpose and outcome I expect from you.

Here’s a quick overview of what you’ll experience in each of the 4 Modules:

Module #1

“Little Voice” Mastery™ Bookinar Series:

“What the Heck Your “Little Voice” really is and how to turn it from your
Worst Enemy into your Greatest Ally?”

Recommended Reading:

Preface – What is “Little Voice” Management?
Chapter 1 – Gaining Control of your “Little Voice”
Chapter 2 – What is the “Little Voice” and Whose is it Anyway?
Chapter 3 – Managing the “Little Voice”


  • Why the path to your success is not nearly as far away as it seems
  • Why you may have been led down the wrong path to achieve wealth and success and how to get on the right one fast
  • How to find which “Little Voice” in your head is the real you so you can achieve your greatness faster than ever
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  • Mastering the difference between being conscious or unconscious so you gain complete mastery of your results and never be a victim again

  • Why you can’t be whoever you want to be and why that’s good

  • The simple admission that gets you to the top of your game the fastest

  • Why the way you came into this world is perfect for what you want to have now

  • Why Boiler Room is one of the best movies to clear your head in 30 seconds

    • Why, contrary to what most people will tell you, more complexity in your life is good….but what DOES need to be eliminated for you to master it

  • What the source of your limiting issues are, where they come from and how to control them once and for all so all those goodies just outside your grasp will come flowing in effortlessly

    • Why some of your “Little Voices” are not really yours, where they come from and how to create a new destiny for yourself right now

  • Why a change of venue, change of scenery and change of environment can instantly change your results

    • What the two greatest fears are, why it will surprise you and why they rule your life

    • The four critical steps to “Little Voice” management that you can apply in seconds to master your mind

  • How to find out where your debilitating “Little Voices” originally came from and how to permanently prevent them from shooting you in the foot

  • Why eliminating the “Little Voice” is NOT the answer or even possible and what the answer is!


  • Identify which “Little Voices” belong to you and which debilitating ones belong to other people.
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  • Make a list of where each of them came from and what experience brought them into existence.
  • Write out the following scenario: If you had unlimited time and money what would you do with your life (after all the partying, travelling and toy-buying)? Are you on track to that now?
  • Make a life graph that shows your life from age 1 to today with peaks and valleys with the horizontal access as being average, above being great and below not so great. Identify and describe the things that were happening at the peaks and the valleys. What are the patterns? What seems to be the real you when you are winning and what is in common with the troughs as well?

Module #2

“Little Voice” Mastery™ Bookinar Series:

“Owning the Real Secrets to Achieving Success
and Getting your Dreams Quickly”

Recommended Reading:

Chapter 4 – Self Value vs Resistance – Overcoming the Procrastination of Your Dreams
Chapter 5 – Confidence: Resurrecting the Hero Inside of You
Chapter 6 – Authenticity: Winning by Being Real
Chapter 7 – Accountability: Keeping Your Promises to Yourself


  • Why you procrastinate on important dreams and goals and how to stop it once and for all
  • How to properly assess value and get the “Little Voice” out of the way of the things that are most important to you now and in the future
  • Where your personal resistance comes from and how to eliminate it
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  • Why value assessment is the most powerful tool you can master for yourself and others
  • The good news about why you can see the future
  • Joe’s Rules of Winning
  • How your “Little Voice” tricks you into thinking that you are different and why that stops you
  • How to assess the true value of you in seconds and get on with who you are supposed to be in minutes rather than a lifetime
    • How to stop talking yourself out of the good stuff
  • Mastering the only two things you need to have ultimate confidence any time
  • Why your ignorance is a blessing and your intelligence a possible curse
    • Two exercises that will explode your confidence out of the park in seconds no matter what you are up against
  • Why being real works to getting what you want and why it is emotionally counter-intuitive
    • How to stop cutting your effectiveness in half….you don’t even know that you are doing it
  • Why the way you handle a compliment will forecast your success and abundance.

Module #3

“Little Voice” Mastery™ Bookinar Series:

“The Magic $500,000 Techniques That Will
Change your Life in Less than 30 Seconds”

Recommended Reading:

Chapter 8 – “Little Voice” Mastery Techniques – Pages 113-135


  • Learn how to win 90% of the battle of your brain
  • How to re-program your brain to take success & leverage it to bigger and more repetitive wins
  • Taking any adversity and increasing your subsequent results by over 34%
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  • Facing down any fear, any place in any situation in seconds

  • Removing the emotion, extracting the learning and building on any win or loss quickly both in a personal context and group situation

  • What every athlete and peak performer knows to do instinctively that you can apply for the same results

    • How to reverse any emotional slump, drag in performance and regain the top of your game in seconds.

    • Eliminate the fear of making mistakes and screwing up in a way that you will never believe

  • What to do when you don’t accomplish a goal that you set for yourself that ensures bigger and better achievements quickly

  • How to literally create the future in seconds….this is the same process that put the first man on the moon


  • Focus and practice on one of these “Little Voice” techniques each day and repeat it at least 12 times that day.
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  • Make note of your results.

Module #4

“Little Voice” Mastery™ Bookinar Series:

“Little Voice Mastery Techniques from the Masters
that will Change Your Results in 30 Seconds”

Recommended Reading:

Chapter 8 – “Little Voice” Mastery Techniques – pages 135 – 155
Chapter 9 – Final Story on the Power of “Little Voice” Management


  • How to calm yourself in the eye of any storm and connect
  • Using the most powerful moments of your past to give you power in the moment
  • Never be intimidated by anyone and turn any NO into a YES instantly
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  • Reversing the ‘beating up’ process that your “Little Voice” takes on when you make a mistake and regaining your power

  • How to diffuse any emotional situation; be it your own, another’s or even a whole group’s

    • The ability to shift your feelings any time you want to and to literally create the physical results in the real world that you want the minute you do it

  • Get any group into present time and clear their agendas

  • How to clear up unspoken problems and issues with anyone

    • Eliminating the “can’t do it” “don’t know how” “Little Voices” from your existence so you can move ahead quickly, decisively and powerfully

  • Taking your relentless strength into the areas of your life where you need it the most

  • The most powerful “Little Voice” Question of all… that will reveal the huge, wealthy and powerful person you are supposed to be and allow you to live there


  • Focus and practice on one of these “Little Voice” techniques each day and repeat it at least 12 times that day.
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  • Make note of your results.

*A new release of the LVM book with additional chapters was released after the completion of this training. Please note that all of the training is still applicable. However, the page numbers referenced may no longer be accurate.

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